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Why I use Squarepace


Squarespace myths debunked


Dispelling Myths

Before we can really get into the vast benefits of a Squarespace site, the widely spread myths about Squarespace need to be addressed.  While I'm likely not able to address all of them, here are the ones I usually read/hear about:

  • Squarespace myth #1: the SEO is horrible

    • If you found this article from a Google search, that should be a big giveaway.

    • The reality is that SEO optimization is built right into all Squarespace sites.

    • You can inject additional codes and keywords on a Squarespace site to boost your SEO even more.

    • Bottom line: all variables being equal, there is no difference between the SEO of a Squarespace site and a Wordpress site.

  • Squarespace myth #2: you don't own your website contents

    • The fact is that you do own your website contents. Period.

  • Squarespace myth #3: integrations don’t exist/are a pain

    • This one gets me every time. The truth is that the integrations built right into Squarespace were a huge reason I switched from Wordpress.

    • I was sick and tired of having to do upgrades for every single widget, plug-in, or software nearly every day on Wordpress! Not to mention the very important and potentially dangerous security patches.

    • There are so. many. integrations on Squarespace! Many that normally involve any cost are free or reduced for Squarespace users. This is a very abbreviated version of the ever-growing full list of integrations that you can find here:

      • Design Blocks: (click and add Design Blocks right to your webpage) Acuity Scheduling; Bandsintown; Flickr: Instagram; Twitter; YouTube; Vimeo

      • Blogging: AMP; Apple News; Disqus (option to replace Squarespace’s own commenting system)

      • Commerce: Apple Pay; PayPal; Stripe; FedEx; UPS; USPS; Xero

      • Social Media: Behance; Dropbox; Facebook; Google Play; SoundCloud; Tumblr; Yelp

      • Design: Adobe Fonts; Google Fonts

      • Marketing: Amazon; Facebook Pixel; Google Ads; Google Analytics; MailChimp; Share buttons

      • Online Ordering: ChowNow

  • Squarespace myth #4: you can’t have a sidebar

    • Yes, you can.

    • Some templates have them built-in or you can CSS yourself one with a simple Google search.

  • Squarespace myth #5: Squarespace websites all look the same

    • Not true at all.

    • This was another big reason I switched to Squarespace. Customizing your site is sooo easy! Don’t know a thing about coding? No problem! Want to use lots of coding? Also, no problem!

      • No, you do not have to know a single bit of code (or even what code is) to create a custom site that’s uniquely and beautifully yours!

      • If you do want to go the CSS route, you can totally do that, as well!

  • Squarespace myth #6: there is little to no customer support

    • I think this one irritates me the most because it is so blatantly false.

    • Not only does Squarespace offer ah-maz-ing customer support 24/7, they’ve actually won industry awards for how good it is.

I love Squarespace because it allows my readers, clients, and myself the ability to create amazing websites that can do pretty much anything any other platform can while. And, after designing a site, clients can very quickly and easily take the reins and maintain their site on their own if they so choose.