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Welcome to Gilded Square! I love helping small business and solo entrepreneurs realize their dreams of success by designing Squarespace websites that turn website visitors into clients.

When I work with a client, their business, their goals, and their satisfaction are my only priority; that’s because I only work on one website design project at a time.

Get in touch with any questions and to discuss your website needs.

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yourself & your business with a beautiful, professional, profitable website you’ll absolutely love that converts site visitors to clients.

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your business to grow by investing in a responsive website with SEO that brings your site front & center to those that need your services.

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site visitors within 2 seconds. Research shows that’s all the time you have to engage your audience.

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Your site should attract and engage the clients & visitors you are targeting.



Your website is a reflection of your professionalism & quality.

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I work on one website design at a time. That means, unlike most web designers, for the three weeks I am working on your site, I am only designing your site. I expect excellence from myself and what I provide for my clients. One way I can ensure this is to keep my attention undivided. Your website, your business, your goals, your style, and your satisfaction are my focus for our three week process.

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Your website will be a gorgeous blending
of your business, style, and vision
with professional design and functionality .
I only love what I do when you love it too!

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