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The basics:

  • Mom to adult son (big love)

    • 6' 6" tall and still lets me call him Baby

  • Elementary teacher (love)

    • Amazing kids I adore

  • Squarespace web designer (serious love)

    • My passion

  • Master's Degree (whew. proud & glad it's done)

    • Elementary Reading and Literacy

  • Born and raised in Portland, Oregon (love to visit)

The not-so-basics:

  • Documentary junkie

    • Life really is stranger than fiction, my friend.

  • Dogs or cats?

    • Both!

  • Weirdo that doesn't like coffee

  • Even bigger weirdo that doesn't like chocolate

  • Obsessed with true crime TV and podcasts (and docs, obvs)

  • Bedroom & bath - white on white (on white)





Hi there!

I'm Lorenda, a mom and teacher in a small town in Washington State.  I came into web design at a much later time in life than many others in the field.  And the path was a very crazy, twisty one, at that.

My life experiences - personal and professional - have led to my broad knowledge and rockin' skills (not so humble brag) in Squarespace web design.  I started Gilded Square (GS) with next to nothing, materially speaking - but, I had all the chutzpah and determination to make up for what I lacked. 
(It's not the first time I've pulled myself up from my bootstraps, kicked butt at doing something really hard, and laughed in the face of adversity. I'm looking at you master's degree.)

I have always been interested in technology and design.  Designing websites is a beautiful melding of these passions. 

At work, I am the computer nerd that people come to for help, I also have an odd obsession for creating beautiful data reports (geek alert), and become almost giddy when I get to create a presentation (really big geek).  At home, I spent years - literally Y E A R S - teaching myself, through a myriad of courses and hundreds of hours of webinars and YouTube videos about web design.  I've learned from some of the very best in the biz and have been able to distill their vast knowledge and expertise into what I now offer clients at GS.

It all started when...

Waaaayyy back in the summer of 2013, I decided that I needed a blog.  I was really into Pinterest and loved all the home improvement stuff: organizing, easy DIY projects, decorating, paint, etc.  I read several blogs that were chronicling beautiful and amazing projects.  I wanted to start blogging about my own projects - I had great, if I do say so myself, ideas.  There were two problems with this:

  1. I'm a perfectionist and creating a site - the way I wanted it to look - was going to require a degree in coding or a web designer ($ I didn't have); and

  2. I had a ton of DIY project ideas but, sadly, very few projects I had actually completed. And, if I was going to be completely honest with myself, I likely would not ever do enough of them to fill a website. The ideas were huge and constant, the collection of items that could be transformed from blasé to stunning was growing and collecting dust in my garage and basement, but the drive to actually follow through and do them was just not there.


I did find that the search for the just right website wouldn't leave me.  Why was I interested?  I didn't even know what I wanted to have a website for!  I just knew that I was hooked into creating a beautiful site and, after many repeated attempts and literally years of frustration, I ventured into Squarespace.  I'd heard all kinds of bad things about Squarespace from the Wordpress community, so turning to it was almost shameful - like giving up and being a quitter in my mind.  And, in a way, I was quitting.  I was quitting all the hours, days, and months that added up to years lost to futile efforts to go the Wordpress route.  Yet, in quitting Wordpress, I was finding my own path with Squarespace.

It wasn't long before I found out that every. single. thing. I had read about how Squarespace was bad simply wasn't true.  In addition, I found Squarespace to be a challenge but not throw-the-laptop-out-the-window-and-bang-my-head-on-the-desk frustrating.  When I was unsure, I found clear answers from Squarespace Help and Squarespace designers (all very nice and generous with their knowledge).  I was finally armed with the tools and the platform to create a gorgeous website... but, there was still that nagging - and kinda essential - question of what, exactly, my site would be about.  I knew that whatever I chose had to be something I was passionate about.  Being passionately in love with what you blog about was in every one of the hundreds of articles, posts, and courses I encountered.  

Now, I'm not a complete idiot, but I must admit that it took me a long while to realize that (duh) I was extremely passionate about making gorgeous websites!
{Aaahhhh, ahhhhh... Do you hear the angelic singing?!}

That was it!  Those amazing Squarespace designers?  I was going to be one of them!!  I was over-the-top excited to get going - bringing my own brand of sassy to the Squarespace world!

So, here I am.  Just a girl, standing in front of... No, wait.  Scratch that.  I'm a passionate Squarespace designer.  It's not my bread and butter, gotta pay the bills gig: it's my passion.  I've got the day-job.  This is my heart-singing, smile-making, joy-filling passion!  I want to bring your passion alive, too!

{I'll let you do the angelic singing, though.  My voice is neither angelic, nor - some might argue - legit singing.  More like cat-fight wailing.  It's bad, so you're welcome.}

So, if you're venturing into an exciting new phase in life.  You are sooooo in the right place right now!!
(Been there, done that. More than once.)

YOU, you little creative/solo-preneur/small biz owner/service-based freelancer looking for a gorgeous, yet professional and functional, site that reflects your style, your brand, and your sensibilities.  You're about to get sooo happy!  You have a general idea of what you want and don't want to pay a kajillion dollars for a website when you're just starting out.
(Hellooo?!  New businesses don't have boatloads of $. I know this first-hand, trust me.)
Get. In. Touch.